New year, new manga!

Never read any manga, and i think its time to get going**!** Where do you guys read manga and whats your top 3 mangas?


In no particular order:

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Twin Spica
Fullmetal Alchemist

Never read any of those in Japanese, though I did buy the first two volumes of Nausicaä…


Where? Right here in the bookclubs!

Top three, in no particular order:

  1. Yotsuba
  2. Girls Last Tour
  3. Gundam Aggressor

Planetes! :open_mouth: Bought the two omnibus on RightStuf!

Hoshi no Samidare! :smiley: Bought all the omnibus (on RightStuf)!

Mysterious Girlfriend X! :sweat_smile: Bought the first omnibus on Barnes & Noble, I think.


I am hoping to finish

  • Yotsubato
  • Non non biyori
  • Dr. Stone
  • Kakukaku Shikajika
  • The Count Of Monte Cristo (I think it’s just one volume)

I have all of them as physical manga in Japanese


Well . . . these aren’t in Japanese, but in English . . . but I’m hoping to finish volumes sixteen through twenty-one of Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn) before my preordered copy of volume twenty-two arrives sometime in February. I think that’s when it releases, if I remember correctly.

I’m also looking forward to getting volume one of Versailles no Bara (The Rose of Versailles) later this month (also in English).

The only manga I currently have in Japanese are volumes one through ten of Inuyasha . . . I got them when I was fifteen or so and foolishly thought I could translate them all by myself (and make a better translation than is currently available). I was a naive kid. :sweat_smile:

Maybe this is the year I’ll gain enough kanji to be able to actually read them properly.


I also have Inuyasha 1-10 :smile: Bought them while on holiday in Japan, and have read the first so far. Hoping I’ll have more time to read now that I’ve almost finished Wanikani lessons. I think reading will help my japanese a lot overall :blush:

  • Fullmetal Alchmist
  • One Punch Man
  • Stein’s Gate

I have all three in physical volumes, the latter two being in Japanese (being hopeful).


I’m currently reading Norigami which is fantastic, and the anime isn’t too bad either. Fruits Basket is a classic. The Girl from the Other Side is also good but a different tone. I usually find series I like by browsing book stores and reading the first book of a series that piques my interest since it only takes me about 20mins to finish a volume. Then, if I like it enough, I’ll buy a used, physical copy from Amazon for about $5. You can read manga for free online from a wide variety of sites, but I like having a physical copy.


I loved the inuyasha manga and tv series. I read and watched it in English, but hopefully I can read watch them in Japanese slowly as I progress through Wanikani.


Part of the Inuyasha anime is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix if you want to get started on it. VIZ Media’s website has the full series. :slight_smile: I’m currently in the middle of watching it in Japanese this time.


My top 3 are:

  1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  2. Fist of the North Star
  3. Dragon Ball

I read a lot of Slam Dunk too, and after 7 volumes I got really tired of the series. Hit me up if you’re looking to buy them, they just take up space. Also tried reading Hajime no Ippo and that wasn’t interesting to me either.


I watched Noragami and really loved the anime! Maybe I should read the manga too? Thought about it before, actually, since I want to know how it ends. Would you say the manga is better?

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I do like the manga better, especially the story line past where the anime is currently. Definitely worth a read.


I’m reading MAO… in english, but I did buy the first volume in japanese, hopefully I’ll be able to read it soon enough

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Thank you :smiley: I definitely have to read it now!

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I don’t have any in Japanese… but I want some!

Right now:

The Betrayal Knows my Name
Fruits Basket
Fairy Tail, 100 Year Quest
Sword Art Online

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Blame! is great, its absolutely gorgeous. Im also reading Haikyu!! right now, the anime is great too. Im only level 6 WK so Im not at a point I can read manga in Japanese yet but maybe later this year ill try! Danganronpa is the first manga I ever read, its pretty good too but not enthralling.


Oh and I also have to read 父の暦

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The game is better :upside_down_face:

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