Kanji Study Tip

I thought I would share a study tip that I have been using that seems to work very well for me. I carry a note book around with me and write new kanji that Wanikani throws at me and Kaniji that I get wrong in my reviews. Then when I am in a meeting room waiting for the meeting to start or somewhere that I cannot get access to Wanikani I break out the note book and practice writing the kanji that I have written down. This way I am only focusing on the kanji that I either just learned or that I get wrong in review. If I get the kanji wrong several times then it will be in my notebook the same number of times and I will get more practice with it. Something about writing the kanji while thinking about the meaning helps me remember better.


I might try that out! I am having the worst time getting 人性、人格、人情 right! Readings and meanings. What a world. Thanks for the tip!

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That sounds like a great idea, and its one that I’ve been meaning to try if I can stop being so lazy.

Ooo, this is a great idea…

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