Shake animation message should keep answer form selected

really, really minor suggestion but-
When a shake animation gray message appears below the response box, it takes selection over the response box and prevents me from continuing to type. I usually prefer to use my keyboard only when completing my reviews, and this slows me down because I have to click on the box to continue typing. I would prefer if the the popup didn’t interrupt my workflow.


I found when I hit the Enter button twice, the cursor jumps back into the answer box. No need to click into it. This works on a Mac, don’t know about other platforms. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Oh, I hate that shake animation! An really hate when the screen jumps down to the answer. It felt like I was being snatched around by the hair.

Totally agreed! I thought this was maybe a bug with one of my addons. I’d love it if this were fixed. Reaching for the mouse is a drag.