Sentence Question, what does [とう] mean in context

The sentence I’m looking at is [まず好きなことから始めたらとうですか] which I understand to mean roughly ‘Why don’t you start with the things you like about it?’ However, I’m not sure what the purpose or grammar of [とう] is. When I throw the sentence into Jisho, it includes [とう] as part of the verb (始めたらとう) but I can’t find any grammar points explaining what it might mean.

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Where do you have this sentence from? I would expect どう to maybe make sense there but not とう


The sentence is from this link ( which is just a bunch of JLPT test prep questions.

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I’d say this is a typo, though. I agree with @downtimes that it should be どう instead.


You can email them about the typo, though I don’t know how fast/if they reply.

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