Sentence Mining

Anyone here actively sentence mining?

I’ve mined all the sentences from Genki I and II, and 'an integrated approach to intermediate Japanese" but not sure where to go from here. Ive taken the odd sentence from conversations I have on skype but dont know what else to go for?

Any tips?

What do you plan to do? You could get the dump of the Japanese wikipedia for example.

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For vocabularies, can also breakdown sentences into vocabularies.

I don’t know what I can do for grammar, but I have seen computerized sentence diagramming possible somehow.

I also do Kanji mining sometimes, and is the basis for my extra levels - Kanji-in-the-wild learning pattern (outside WaniKani). I don’t plan to study Kanji anymore, though.

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I use a lot! The grammar lessons are pretty neat.

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I used to use an anki deck with the core6k sample sentences.

I put them together with the lowest WK level required to read all the kanji in a google sheet here.

For a while I also put sentences from games that I didn’t understand into an anki deck.

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Haha yes, sentence mining. Am I right? what is sentence mining?


Basically you ‘mine’ sentences out of various sources (textbooks, articles, manga, etc), and put them into an SRS program like Anki. The sentences you ‘mine’ have a learning point of your choosing.

E.g if you want to learn a word, you find an example sentence that contains that word OR, a particular grammar point. The idea is that you learn the word or grammar point in its native script, in context so that you learn it better.

More information here;

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You might also be interested in the Universal Dependencies treebank for Japanese, there are over 8000 sentences already split in word units, tagged, and parsed. May be useful if you search for the use of certain grammar.

Just download the file at the bottom of that site and look into the UD_Japanese folder.

More Info:

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Btw, what is the point of having 10000 sentences? You probably see the same old fraction of sentences for a decade first. I didn’t fully read the link because that khatzumoto usually manages to be longwinded and forcefully … youthful? … at the same time. Couldn’t you just read stuff on the Internet with rikaichan or similar, and maybe use a JP-JP dictionary in it? You can then re-read it after a while.

98% sure that 10,000 is an arbitrary number, because people like clean whole numbers. In reality, I think you need 9873 sentences. No im joking, the point is that it doesnt matter - the more the better.

Yes, of course you can. In fact, you should probably be doing that on top of this. I think the strength of this method is to solidify any existing knowledge that you may have. After you have accumulated enough articles, you may forget which article a particularly good example was in. If you put it into SRS, you dont have to worry :slight_smile:

If you try it and then it works for you, great! If it doesn’t then you are better of spending your valuable time via another approach. For me it seems to be working, though Ive only just started :wink:

Sorry, my mind was still in big data mode …

Maybe Satori Reader is interesting for you as well.

These days I sentence mine through my reading. I started out with Ranpo Edogawa short stories. A lot of fun gems hidden in his material.

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Recently I’ve been getting my sentences from a youtube channel called Game Grammar. They do a couple of livestreams a week where they play Japanese games (Currently Pokemon Sun/Moon and Animal Crossing: New Leaf) and the streamer attempts to explain the words and grammar points being used.

The part where I get some sentences is that after the stream they release a transcript of all the Japanese used. So I’ll go in and translate all the Japanese myself, then watch the VoD and make any corrections that are needed. Then I’ll I’ll take any particularly good sentences and move them somewhere to practice.

Might not be the greatest way to get sentences but it works for me since I get some practice, then some corrections and potentially some good sentences.

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You might also like a channel called “Learn Japanese”.

He does something similar, but anime based. He has a series of videos where he covers one sentence from an anime. I’ve been watching those. Goes a little fast like Game Grammar but they’re decent sentences. I’ve been slowly adding them to a list and reviewing them. He also has longer videos with links to vocab mined from entire episodes of anime (like one video is vocab for Attack on Titan ep 1).

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This is amazing!! :smiley:

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