Sentence example site based on vocabulary?

Does anyone have any recommendations? I was looking through my old book mark folder for a site, and I can’t find it. I think it was in Japanese, mostly(?), and before you could start using it, you had to say you wouldn’t use any of the sentences it finds for commercial purposes or otherwise because it was just pulling from the web. It pulled in a smart way too somehow I think, like it showed them by how much they where used or something. I find lacking, especially for things not common, and places like either too complex or too simple of sentences. ごめんください サンキュー

Maybe the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese?

Also, recently massif is great because it try hard to find high quality example sentences. Short and use the vocab in very common/idiomatic way.

(Some details here : massif/ at master · rsimmons/massif · GitHub)


Thanks! Massif seems the current vibe I am searching. I don’t think either where my imagined site though.