Self study tips for intermediate japanese

There are some tips and recommendations here if you’re interested. Listening Practice 🎧 What do you listen to for Japanese practice? People make use of different resources for listening practice. I recommend going with what you’re interested in. If you like anime, watch anime (with subs) but focus on the dialogue primarily while watching.

I recommend the many audio dramas produced in Japan, as that is a good way of getting experience listening to Japanese at a pace that isn’t quite normal conversation, but still pretty fast. Also, trained voice actors speak with a clarity of pronunciation that helps a lot (since you’re still gonna have a hard time not recognizing all the words).

Once you feel like you can listen in a more relaxed and less frantic way, I’d move on to podcasts, and natural speech conversations, since they will be faster and contain language errors that are normal in conversation (like restarting a sentence midway through, grammar mistakes etc). It requires a different type of focus I feel, from scripted dialogue.

Good luck with your studies! ^>^

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