Self-Study Quick Question

I’m guessing the answer is no, but just in case, or in case there is some other script that could help with this. I’m using the self-study script to study beyond my levels, however, I find two things quite annoying about this:

1 - There is no way to separate meaning and reading quizzes (to just do one of them).
2 - There is no way to limit the number of items (when going beyond my WaniKani level). Yes I can just pick one type from one level, but it just gives me the full list of locked items and goes through them randomly one by one, which means I don’t see them again until I go through the entire list, by which time I forgot. Being able to limit the quiz list to a more manageable number would help a lot. I like how in anki it basically keeps cycling through the same items (maybe twenty?) until I say I know them, instead of just going one by one through the entire deck (I remove the new cards limit).

Is there any way to fix these issues?

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I have not had trouble using the self-study quiz script to do the things that you suggest, but I have never used it for higher levels. Maybe read through the thread for the script:

I am fairly sure that the script author would respond to specific issues.


Well, how do you use the self-study quiz script to do the things that I suggest?

Oh, I found the reading/meaning filter. Not sure why I missed that.

Maybe I misread something, but when compiling a quiz, in the third tab of “Settings,” you can set the max number of items you want a quiz to be.

After the quiz of X numbers, you’ll get a summary screen, so you can review the items. If you got anything wrong, you can also hit the “Requiz” button on the summary screen if you want to go over the same items repeatedly until you get 100%.


Wow, I feel stupid now. Thanks a lot.


No worries. :+1: Just glad you’ll be able to study things in the way that works best for you.