Seeing projections in wanikani stats

Recently it asked me to put in an API version 2 link. So I generated one from my profile, however now I cannot see projections. Did I click the wrong things or does it just not work right now?


Are you talking about Wkstats?

It’s a work in progress.

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Are you confusing with ? :thinking:

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Yes, I’m sorry, I did not realize there were more then one possibilities.

That’s all I needed to know. I was worried I had somehow done something wrong. is the old version that uses Wanikani API v1. (or is the new version that uses Wanikani API v2, but the “Projections” page is not finished yet. I hope to finish it in a few months, after my current work project is finished.


No worries, please take as long as you need. I appreciate what you do. I was a little confused making the API v2 so I assumed it was my error. Thank you so much for your reply.

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I hate to bump an old article…but since V1 is getting ‘sunset’ this year, is there any hope for a 10001-version of level projections? I made a makeshift version in excel for myself, but it would be really nice to have this integrated into WKstats.

Anyways, just thought I’d ask the community if this exists somewhere. Thanks!



It says it’s under construction, so I would take that as a yes.

10-4, that’s how I took it…but I think I’ve seen that message since I joined WaniKani in August 2019. We’re creeping up on a year, maybe longer if it’s been under construction since before I joined. I was just afraid that once V1 gets ‘sunset’, this disappears altogether.

WKStats is what keeps me motivated!! :smiley: Cheers.


hi rfindley, do you have an ETA on the Projections section of wkstats now that API version 1 has deactivate? Thanks for all your help ! really appreciate the wkstats tool

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My best guess at the moment is November.
Between my work contracts and home projects, “free time” is always a moving target.


I’m a recent CS graduate (well, almost - that one class (╬ಠ益ಠ) ). I have plenty of free time and would love to help out, at least as a side project to show to employers that’s separate from your code.



I have the projections calculation code [here].

Just to get started (i.e. before committing to a time-intensive graphical design), if you want to recreate the three projections in a simple table:

  • Fastest (as calculated in the code linked above)
  • Average (as calculated in the last function of [this code]). Note: it’s actually “median”, not “average”
  • Hypothetical (using an ‘average’ value entered by the user).

I don’t have the source code posted anywhere, so you’ll have to fetch it directly from the site.
Since the Open Framework caches files, you’ll need to turn off the cache temporarily so you can see what files are being loaded via the Network tab (in the dev tools):


That’s also helpful during development in general.
To turn the cache on again:


Edit: As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t have time right now to support anyone’s efforts, which is why I have (until now) turned down offers to help. But since my timeline keeps getting pushed out, and APIv1 is turned off now, I’ll just put this info out there. And if anyone is able to come up with something without assistance, I would be happy to consider integrating it into wkstats, at least temporarily, until I can spend some time to review the code itself to make sure it integrates well with my future plans for the site.

And just to let you know up front… when I do get a chance to revisit the site, I will probably rewrite it again as a development exercise to get some practice with a UI framework. Probably React or Svelte, but I plan to re-evaluate frameworks again before I start.


Me getting ready for the API version 2 projections to go live


Is there any news on this? I’m fairly new (almost 2 months on WK) and I’ve never seen the projections page work, I’m super curious about it.



I am also waiting for the projections feature.
Is there anything we can help ?
Thank you to wkstats team !


It’s been 3 years now? Maybe one day it’ll happen. I have more faith in that than in etoeto :rofl:

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