Wkstats - no projections, no graph

Hi there !

I was wondering why I didn’t see the same graph progression on Wkstats as many other screenshot that I saw on this community. It’s because I’m in the beginning of my journey? I was level 3 but made a reset, and I was not able to see any graph on the website, any projection the only message I can read is “this page is under construction”.

If you have any tips, idea, of why I can’t see the progression graph or projections, that will be helpful !
Thanks in advance

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Welcome! :durtle_hello: From what I’ve seen around here, it seems like the stats won’t load and aren’t available unless you have a subscription active (or a lifetime account).

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Click “Progress” and then “Level-up”


Ok that’s why !! Thanks a lot Redglare, i’ll wait this Xmas so :wink:


Thanks, I have this one to see a part of my progression, but not the projection ! It seems to be link to the premium account, and I’ll have it for Xmas, so i’ll wait !

thanks again Plantron

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I have a lifetime account with WaniKani, but WKStats has stopped showing level projections.

I think the writer of the website planned to revamp that page, but hasn’t done so. In fact, if I remember correctly, somewhere on the forums, it was mentioned that the projection page just won’t be maintained anymore.

I think Statkani.vercel.app has projections, but I don’t actually remember and can’t access it right now.

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For the projections you can install UInt2048’s script: https://community.wanikani.com/t/userscript-wkstats-projections-page/
It basically does what wkstat projection page was supposed to do since it still is under construction.


Or you can use a site with similar information to wkstats

which does have a projection graph along with a smattering of other info.


Thanks a lot for all your answers, I’ve save every website and tools ! But it appear a reset doesn’t reset the past, so I still have the huge gap between my start and now. I’ll make another account and use WK history alongside Nihongostats I think !

Thanks again ~