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I am new to studying Japanese and I am looking for a word list that has the 1000 most frequently spoken Japanese words. I have tried searching for it myself but all of the lists that I find online do not give any information on how the list was compiled. I would like one that gives a source so that I know I am learning useful vocabulary. When I learned Chinese I used a list that was compiled from the most common words spoken on television and it was extremely useful. Does anyone know of a list in Japanese that was compiled from spoken language? If not one from newspapers would probably be second best.

Thanks in advance for the help!

A quick search led me to this website:, is this the kind of thing you’re looking for?

Wanikani stats has a list of frequency lists from various sources too.

They do but they are for kanji rather than vocab. Still very useful though and I like that they give sources.

Yes, I am looking for something like this but that says where they got the information from. I first tried to learn Chinese with the same website’s Chinese list and the list for Chinese was completely inaccurate. This is why I am skeptical of lists that don’t provide sources. Thanks though.

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Have you tried kamesame. They have 10 thousand most common vocabulary. I believe they also have a source

Edit: they say it is from NINJAL :space_invader:

Thank you so much this is what I was looking for and more! I don’t even need to spend hours making anki cards since I can just use the site. So far learning Japanese has way more resources than mandarin ever did and I appreciate it.

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glad i helped.

Be careful which frequency list you use.

Until recently I was using a list which I think was created from words found in newspapers. And over the months there were many ranking that made no sense. Words I came across often were ranked 60K+

Recently I switched to a list created from all the subtitles in netflix, alongside a list created from novels, and I can already see a big difference in the rankings.

Sound promising! Could you please share links to these lists?

Well my lists aren’t just text files, they are .json files that have been made to be used with a particular anki add-on, the MIA dictionary. Sure you can read through them but they are just huge lists of around 200,000 words.

I do have one for use with Yomichan, which I use while using yomichan on netflix, books and website. So if you do use Yomichan I can link you to that.

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