Scrolling with spacebar on review pages

I thought I saw this reported somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it now.

When doing my reviews, I pretty much automatically hit f to open the info panel, then e to expand all the panels whenever I answer incorrectly.

Today, though, hitting space after expanding everything didn’t scroll the content.

This appears to be because the text input box still has :active state after typing fe . Tabbing twice to move make something in the input panel active allows spacebar scrolling to work again.

The input element remaining :active after typing e seems like new behavior.

Anyone else experiencing this? It seems to happen with or without scripts loaded.

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I can replicate the above behavior (Windows 10, Chrome; no scripts beyond Open Framework and Heatmap).


Spacebar is requiring a click before able to scroll on mac and linux for me. It’s not nice.


You can tab twice before hitting spacebar as a temporary workaround (not ideal, I realize).

I’ve reported this to WK.

I suspect these pages are under active development, so let’s be patient for a fix.

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Hi all. We’ve deployed a fix for this, so let us know if the issue still crops up. Thanks for the heads up on this.


Can confirm: now works great (again).

Thanks for the fix!


Confirmed behavior:

space scrolls the entire page down, and shiftspace scrolls the entire page back up as expected. Note that in particular, this means you can use shiftspace to scroll the subject back into view without using the mouse.

Previous behavior (if I recall correctly):

space would scroll the content within the div down, but not the entire page. Upon reaching the end of the content, it would start scrolling the content back up.


The current behavior confirmed above seems more standard/expected, and allowing me to scroll the subject back into view without using the mouse is very welcome.

It still seems annoying from a UX point of view that the subject ever scrolls off the screen, though.

Thanks again!

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