F -> Spacebar used to expand reading + meaning. Bring that back

Don’t like the new update as a whole either, so reverting it entirely would also be a positive. But bare minimum is the title.

I think kanji composition also used to be easily viewable like that too? I can’t remember for sure though.


edit: Enter key should go next on the lessons too. Please fix. Idk whose idea it was to delete established keyboard shortcuts…

And so that it’s not all negative, the one thing I like about this update is that it feels snappier. I think the animations/transitions are shorter or something?


Now it is F=>E.


not a solution

Why? The change was made to be like this, so you can scroll with your spacebar, to follow along the usual web traditions

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Thing is, when I’m using other sites, I have one hand on a mouse and one hand on the keyboard, so scrolling is no problem. I have never used space to scroll pages (honestly after studying programming in college and working in IT for years, I’m genuinely shocked that I didn’t know this)

On WK, both hands are on the keyboard, so changing the hotkeys messes up my muscle memory of F->space so I agree with what Eucliwood is saying here

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Today f-> space is no more working. Neither f->e space, in fact WK is the only website on my browser (firefox desktop without scripts) that does not accept space key for scrolling !
I am the only one ?

As mentioned in another thread the main text box is retaining browser focus, so when you hit space it’s trying to interact with that currently active area. I think they need to remove focus once a correct/incorrect answer is given.

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