Script to see levels in reviews


I don’t know which script it is, but I had one that allowed me to see what levels I have during the reviews. It disappeared when I downloaded the “reorder omega”. Sometimes just when I start my reviews, I see the list of levels on the bottom but it disappears soon after. I was able to get a screen shot before it disappeared each time I refresh to start the reviews.

How can I get it back?


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That’s Reorder Ultimate 2. It’s no longer supported, though it still currently works if you have Script Compatibility Mode turned on in your Wanikani settings.

It’s probably not a good thing to have two reorder scripts running, though.


Thanks for the info. I just checked and the compatibility mode is turned on. Does that mean we can no longer see the levels in our reviews?

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The levels should still show up with compatibility mode on, but I guess if something else is interfering with it, then you’re stuck with what you get. Unless someone figures out how to eliminate the conflict, anyway.


Reorder Ultimate 2 works perfectly well for me in compatibility mode so it’s likely that you have scripts that are conflicting. Here’s a list of all the WaniKani scripts that I have installed and the order that they are loaded in:

At least none of these scripts cause any conflict with Reorder Ultimate 2.

Good luck fixing the issue!


Thanks for everyone’s help!

You guys are right, I do have multiple “reorders” operating: ultimate 2 and omega and they are probably interfering with each other.

I initially had ultimate 2 but downloaded omega because I was getting the answers wrong despite it being correct in the lessons.

And as soon as that was fixed I wasn’t able to see the levels in the review pile until I turned off the omega.


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