Update on the Old Mnemonics

Does this mean no more Mrs. Chou? :frowning:

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i’m pretty sure that if WK tried to get rid of Mrs Chou, Mrs Chou would come beat up Koichi :wink:


It’s just a file you can look at to review, not something you can add to WaniKani yourself.


Same here, I liked having the choice between 2 mnemonics, so I could pick which one was more memorable to me.

Maybe one of the userscript wizards could take all the mnemonics off the github page and develop a plugin to readd them to WK? :wink: Though I’m not sure if there is enough demand for it.


This hit in the middle for me, and while I am a total data hoarder, I won’t miss them. Two years is a good window.

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I highly doubt that such a script would be all that useful.

…let’s create it anyway! :smiley:

I have modified one of my other scripts so that it now appends the old mnemonics after the new ones in lessons, reviews, and on the item pages. I did not want to spend much effort on this (it already took way longer than intended), so the script is not that well tested. In case anyone uses it and notices bugs, I can try to fix them.

Review screenshot

Item page screenshot


Awesome, thank you for this! I will definitely install it and try it out. From the screenshots I actually like it better than the current button swapping method for the old mnemonics, nice having it all in one place. :slight_smile:


makes me sad, but I guess life will still go on.
goodbye nailbat.

I hope everyone will be ready to kiss all of the current mnemonics goodbye in 5 years when the Council of Wokeness deems them insufficiently Woke™. After all, the most important thing about mnemonics is that absolutely no one be offended by them. That is WAY more important than, you know, being easy to remember.


This is a big disappointment to me. In most instances I have not found the new mnemonics to be nearly as memorable for me as the old ones. It also sucks that I will now need to re-learn all of the stuff I have all ready committed to memory. If I hadn’t upgraded to a lifetime membership this winter I think I would walk away from WaniKani at this point.


I will totally try this out. I do not like the new mnemonics in most instances. They just don’t stick in my brain the way the old ones do. Thank you so much for this.


Nailbat, KKK, Stalin, I will never forgive you or forget your crimes! I’m glad that I downloaded the old mnemonics a while ago!

The hero I was hoping for! I’ve been working at WK for 2 and a half years and have just hit level 30 lmao. (Yes, I’m very slow, but I continually make progress!) Was gonna be so sad when I had to relearn a lot of mnemonics. Now I’ll just install the script and no more problems! Yayyy

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Is there any way to get these to apply to chome on mobile? All the posts and app recommendations I see for adding/ using scripts per google search are years old at this point

According to this 2019 edited StackExchange answer, FireFox’s Android app has add-ons, including its own Tampermonkey.

If you don’t mind installing another app, maybe you can try that and see if it works.

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I will try it out! Thank you!

If I’m not mistaken, Firefox for Android currently only supports 18 extensions, which doesn’t seem to include a userscript manager.

If you are on Android, you could try the Kiwi webbrowser. I have just tested it with the WaniKani Old Mnemonics script and it seems to work.

If you are on iOS, I don’t know if this is possible. After a quick Google search, it seems that there exists a webbrowser supporting userscripts, but it seems to require a subscription.


You said it, man.

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So, I downloaded kiwi, and installed the JS file in developer mode on the extension page, and then enabled it. And… Nothing’s changed? Although I’m still running the old mnemonics currently, so I don’t know if the script only runs when the old ones aren’t available on the page

Screenshot of the item page