School for Interpretation- which country?

I’d love to have found information on a previously made topic, but for some reason this particular question isn’t a very explored topic.

I’m looking to major in Interpreting Japanese and English, but I’m having trouble when it comes to researching schools. Does anyone have any idea what schools are best for this major? I know there are options in the US and in Japan, but studying in the US doesn’t have the integration advantage and studying in Japan doesn’t have the… number of applicable schools advantage (as in most interpretation schools in Japan are directed towards Japanese people learning English).

I’ve also heard there are opportunities in Hawaii, given it’s a bit of a mixture of 3 cultures but if I were to study abroad it might as well be in Japan, right? I dunno, researching schools for this particular major seems relatively niche. Please, lend me thine wisdom. よろしくお願いします!


I don’t know, Hawaii sounds pretty nice! :sunny:

Oh, it does indeed! But as awesome as that’d be, if the better result is just studying in Japan anyways then there’s no need to waste time/money! College is a lot of money, I wanna be careful in my choice. (But to be honest I feel like being American territory AND having Japanese communities there makes Hawaii a pretty valuable choice, it’s just if it’s not the most valuable…)

I’ve never heard of anyone going to college for interpretation, though I’ve had friends that went to interpretation school after college. As far as I know, people don’t go to interpretation school to learn a language - they already know the two languages at high levels. They are there to learn the art of interpreting between them.

If your Japanese is already amazingly good, maybe you could skip college and go to interpretation school. Otherwise, just learn Japanese. Moving to Japan is good for both of those IMO.

In my research it turns out it’s actually quite common for an interpretation school to teach the target language- so I don’t think that’s a problem, the problem is which one is best.

I’d study just Japanese in Japan but language schools, as I’ve heard, are shady and I wouldn’t want to waste a major on JUST Japanese- I’ve been studying Japanese on my own anyways for 6 years or so. (To be honest my original idea was to just work in Japan and learn Japanese that way, but… you need a BA to do that. So school is a must, unfortunately)

Yeah, it might be tough to get work as an interpreter without a college degree anyway. I say college in Japan then for you. Hope you have some $$$!

I haven’t specifically looked into interpretation, but I did some searching around for translation masters degrees, and in all cases there was a basic requirement of having a level of proficiency equivalent to at least N2 to be accepted.

I can only imagine interpretation would be stricter, since only the best of the best can do interpretation.

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