Same looking Kanji reviews

Is there any type of mechanic implemented for studying the recognition of similar looking kanjis? Like 末 and 未 for example.

Probably doable with Item Inspector + Reorder Omega (which has Self Study button).

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Item Inspector has buttons to start Self Study Quiz. I am not sure what Reorder Omega would add.



I think you mean Item Inspector and the Self-Study Quiz

You don’t need a reordering script to do self study outside of lessons and reviews.

And, like @prouleau also says, you start the quiz from the Item Inspector.

It’s a feature of Omega, and is the missing button mentioned yesterday. As a matter of fact, I installed Omega, but don’t use its reordering at all.

The goodness is it is a full screen Self Study, rather than a modal; just like Recent Lessons and Burn’s Extra Study.

I didn’t realize this feature at all. Thanks.

So, what functions does the omega bring here? That’s what I still don’t get. The Item Inspector, is what narrow things down to specific quizzes. :thinking:

Self Study from Omega can also be customized, but seem not be able to use presets from Item Inspector. It can also reorder in addition, obviously.

Show Information and mobile support might be better. Scripts that work in review also work there (e.g. External Definition, Multiple Answer Input, Disabling typo tolerance)

I can’t find Similar Kanji from Omega, however.

Yeah, this is what I suspected. Item Inspector is linked/integrated with the Self-Study Quiz, not Omega. So, Omega would have had to have the same sorting abilities like The item Inspector for a case like this. :eyes:

Those two always got me every time. It was purely a coin toss. Until I starting seeing 末 as “at the top the ENDs stick out” and 未 as “they have NOT YET stuck out so this is NOT YET the end”.


Omega can use any filter registered with WKOF. I suspect that Item Inspector doesn’t register any filter on the quiz pages, so that might be why it doesn’t work.

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