Sailormoon 🌙 — Complete!

I think this is the Kindle version, should anyone else be reading that way. Looks like the 完全版 version? Didn’t see any others for Kindle at a glance.


I originally planned to have a single thread for Sailormoon, but it looks like there may be enough people considering reading along that it may be better to break it up into multiple threads. Clearly, this means a poll is needed.

Considering Sailormoon is 60 chapters long, how do you feel threads should be split?

  • One big thread for everything.
  • New thread per month (4–5 chapters each).
  • New thread every 10 chapters.
  • New thread every chapter.
  • Decide after seeing January post volume.
  • Other (please specify).

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And because polls beget polls:

Are you planning on reading Sailormoon in 2020?

  • Yes.
  • Yes, but I may start late.
  • Unsure.
  • No.

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If you’re reading along, what pace to you expect to aim for?

  • Slower than one chapter per week.
  • One chapter per week.
  • Faster than one chapter per week.

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Other: experience with ARIA shows that people have tons of questions at the beginning, but that those dry up ~10/15 chapters in as they get more used to the style.
I’d say one thread per chapter until dry up, then either one per month or per 10 chapters.


This is good information to consider, @Naphthalene. Based on that, I started looking into the Yotsuba threads to see what the activity was for the first four volumes, and I definitely see the value in more frequent threads early on, then fewer threads later on.

Yotsuba Thread Analysis
Thread Start Date End Date Days Posts Participants
Volume 1 2017-09-30 2017-12-29 90 748 87
Volume 2 2018-01-12 2018-02-28 47 550 27
Volume 3 2018-02-26 2018-05-26 89 290 16
Volume 4 2018-05-18 2018-08-06 80 217 17

These numbers are based on a thread’s initial active life, and do not reflect posts after a period of inactivity.

(And considering I expect a much smaller number of volume 1 participants reading along…)


However you end up doing it, I’d recommend giving people as much help as possible remembering about it! The advantage of a new thread is that it reminds people to do the reading, so if you don’t have a new thread each chapter I would still do something like changing the title and posting a notice to make the thread pop up.


That’s good for me to keep in mind, @Radish8. I plan on doing thread title changes, but I may forget, so I’ll write that down on my “to do” list.

I like how the Yotsuba threads have a “now starting chapter x” post each week. I never considered it having the “thread bump” utility (or, more importantly, notification for anyone watching the thread).


Yay Sailor Moon! This was my first manga. I literally taught myself Japanese from it when I was younger. Great project, I’ll be cheering you all on!


This looks fun! I’ll do my best to follow along

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Aah, this looks so fun and cool… but I don’t think I could just commit to buying them and also be ready to read them :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll still probably peak around the threads though



It’s a sign!!!


OMG it so is! I wonder, does that mean I have to go back and buy the rest of the volumes… XD




@Naphthalene has spoken.

You may also need to pick up a new suitcase on the way back from the store. :3


Well I guess I have no other choice then…

My thoughts exactly. But, I mean, it must be another sign that the shop with new suitcases is so close to the Book Off. :durtle_cat:


This sounds like a fun idea! I’ve read the manga before, so I hope that I’ll be able to follow along :sweat_smile:
I’ve also been eyeing the latest re-release with the holographic cover, but never had a good excuse to buy it haha

By the way, have you any idea the overall cost of buying all the manga? Want to get a good idea whether I can commit to buying all of them

Bookwalker has it as well. Volume one is currently free, so check it out!!

I’m going to try and follow along with this. Last time I tried a book it didn’t go so well, so heres hoping to a better time this time around!


Kanzenban Volume 1 Cover

The most recent (“kanzenban”) release packs 300 to 400 pages per volume, across 10 volumes, with larger-than-normal sized pages. This is the only release you’ll find digital.

It’s going to be much cheaper if you go digital. That’s ten volumes at ¥858 each, totaling ¥8,580. Google tells me this is:

  • USD: $79
  • GBP: £60
  • EUR: €72

Physical, you may find some sellers with the whole bundle for as low as ¥6,000 plus shipping, but that may be for shipping within Japan only. Buying individually and not counting shipping, volumes go for ¥1,650 each, for a total of ¥16,500 (plus shipping and applicable taxes):

  • USD: $152
  • GBP: £116
  • EUR: €138

If you’d like to try reading the series, but are unsure if you’ll like the manga, or want to read all the way to the end, you can buy just the first two volumes of the kanzenban release, and that covers the first self-contained story arc (the “Dark Kingdom arc”) of the story. Although its ending does point the series toward arc two, you can end reading here feeling satisfied at having read a whole and complete story.


Shinsouban Volume 1 Cover

The other route to go is the shinsouban release. This release has normal-sized pages and a page count probably closer to 250 pages per volume. Each volume is listed at ¥539. The main story is fit into ten volumes for ¥5,390 (with two volumes of side stories, bringing the total to ¥6,468).

  • USD: $50 ($60)
  • GBP: £38 (£46)
  • EUR: €45 (€54)

The first three volumes contain the first story arc, and begin the second arc.

(If there’s a currency you’d like to me add, just let me know. I may relocate these price lists to the first post later.)

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If it’s like with Kobo, it’ll be chapter one only. Either way, it’s definitely worth checking one’s e-book supplier of choice for a volume 1/chapter 1 freebie to get a better idea of how readable it is!

When my grammar knowledge was below yours (and my vocabulary below 1,000 words), I tried to read manga and failed. Back then, there were fewer easily accessible resources for learning, and I didn’t know how to properly learn, so I’d give up on manga reading attempts for a few years.

The double-edged sword of reading is 1) you need to read to properly retain what you’ve learned, and 2) you’ll constantly encounter things you don’t know yet.

My recommendation, time allowing, is to use this opportunity to learn as much as you can any unknown N5 and N4 grammar you encounter in reading. Also, expect to take a crash course in casual dialogue if you haven’t encountered it much.

And remember, this is more of a “go at your own pace” reading with a schedule to facilitate creating new threads as necessary. If one 44 page chapter per week is too fast, you can give yourself your own goal, such as one chapter per month. At that pace, and considering you’ll get faster over time as you learn more grammar and vocabulary, you could finish the story’s first arc (14 chapters) within a year.

I’ll always be around to answer any questions that come up =D


The free pdf is 50 pages so through act one.

I just tested N4 (with… uncertain results) so it’s been awhile since I tried actively reading things aside from graded readers and jlpt reading prompts. It’s pretty clear at this point I need to tough some stuff out to get better and why not with a support group!

Thanks for the motivation, will be around.