S-GRADE Japanese Student. よし!

I’m a n3wb.

I got some tests incoming in the next 1-2 months. Is it okay if I only stick to doing my reviews/lessons on WaniKani in the early game?

I feel like I should be studying grammar somehow. I don’t wanna rush things, but also wouldn’t like to be a turtle.

I also bought Tae Kim’s book. There are tons of resources I wanna try out. But for the time being, am I slacking doing just WaniKani and Kaniwani?

Also I wanna contribute more. Can I just hang out on the threads and talk to people? Thank you guys!


Whether or not you are slacking all depends on how fast you want to learn the language and progress. Saying that, I’m currently studying Japanese language and I probably put most my study time into learning kanji at the moment, but during my first year it was probably more time put into grammar, once you grasp the basic grammar you start to retain other grammar faster and easier etc, thus why in my second year of university I now spend more time on Kanji than grammar.

long story short, I would say you should also split your time and learn grammar, but it is ultimately up to you where you want to spend most your time and it also depends on your planned schedule to whether or not you are slacking.


Good tips! I’ll try and set a schedule for myself.


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