Exam in two weeks, pause WaniKani or keep going


got a japanese exam coming up in two weeks, and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to learn new lessons in WaniKani right now. I don’t yet have the vocab and kanji required for the exam perfectly down, so learning new kanji that won’t be part of the exam seems somewhat counter-productive to me, at least right now.

Any thoughts on what I should do? I’ll absolutely keep up the daily reviews though, but I’d like to hear what people in similar situations have done, or would do if they would come to that. I have other, non-japanese exams as well.

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Did you mean to write ‘reviews’ in the second part? If so, that’s what I would recommend if you are feeling overwhelmed; stop doing lessons, but keep up with reviews.

Best of luck and let us know how you do!


You’re right, thanks for the heads up^^ fixed my mistake.

Thanks for the advice:)

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I also think it’s a good idea to avoid new lessons until the exam is over :slight_smile:


I’m not doing new lessons when I have exams, just sticking to reviews

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In the previous semester (in my school), I didn’t stop during the exams but only did WK after I finish what I needed to study for the day.

During this currently semester, I put WK on vacation mode because I could not handle everything; when I finish my school-related studies, my brain is too drained :sweat:


I didn’t stop. Don’t recommend you doing what i did :stuck_out_tongue:

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