Stopping wanikani

Hey guys, so I’m about to enter for third year of college and I feel like I’m going to be very busy, especially next semester with 4 CS (Computer Science) classes and 1 Japanese one.

I was thinking of maybe going on vacation mode for a semester or maybe even a year. Is this a good idea and how hard is it to pick up again? I feel like I’ll forget a lot of things, and also I really would like to make more progress of wanikani so I can (preferably comfortably) finish it before I graduate.

Please share your thoughts on this as I’m pretty conflicted right now.


Couldn’t you just stop leveling up and review what you’ve learned until now? :thinking:


Can’t you just slow down your own pace without stopping completely? That way you dont forget everything and you keep some sort of routine to your kanji studies.

Ive been there before with packed semesters, its tough but you can get through it!

Good luck and dont slack!

I didn’t work during college, but during that time of my life I had more free time than any time post-graduation. I also felt the first two years were the hardest (engineering degree). YMMV.

If you think you’ll be pressed for time, I’d just slow the pace and continue. I think WK works well because you can do small bursts of study. It might provide a break from other studies to interleave in 30-40 reviews for 10 minutes or so.


i agree with @jprspreira
Stopping review or entering vacation mode would only make you forget what you have learned so far.
I would stop getting lessons, and just review once in a while.

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No idea what you are studying, but if you have Japanese classes anyway wouldn’t it be beneficial to continue studying useful things in parallel? It doesn’t seem like Japanese is some inconsequential hobby for you that you could just drop for a year. You could still do 1 level per month or so.


Hmm, OK, I guess taking it slow could be a good idea. The thing about that is I’m afraid of burning too many things while I’m taking it slow and forgetting them near the end of WK. I guess that’s kind of dumb since I can forget them after WK too, haha.

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Once you burn everything, unburn everything again. By the time you’re back, you’ll probably be in a good spot. No new lessons, obviously, if you want to slow down. But stopping altogether is a terrible idea.

It’s not like it particularly matters if you forget things after burning them. At that point it should still be much easier to relearn them if needed. Besides, if you’re taking a Japanese class there should still be opportunities to reinforce what you’ve studied on WK through class material.

If you really want to cut back you could use something like the WK → Anki exporter and switch to a basic flashcard review without text input. It could help reduce time spent on reviewing material and you won’t have to worry about paying for a sub in the meantime. Anki is also a pretty great way to kill time between classes or whenever you’re stuck waiting for a couple minutes.

I’m curious, I thought unburning puts them back into apprentice. Wouldn’t you be absolutely swamped if you unburned everything?

You would but there’s no reason to power through all your reviews once everything has already been burned. This is just so you keep seeing the stuff during your break instead of assuming that because it’s burned you never need to see it again.

I say use your instincts. If you think that you’re not going to have the time and/or energy to open WK during that period time, perhaps you should put it on vacation mode. It seems like every other day someone posts something about asking for advice on how to deal with their 1000+ item pile up because they had intended to use WK during a time they really had no ability/time/etc. to use WK. I’ve used vacation mode before and, yes, it’s difficult to get back on the wagon for a variety of reasons. But compare that to logging in to hundreds or thousands of reviews that you thought you could handle during a insanely busy time of your life.

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It depends on how devoted you are, I think. I recently had to use vacation mode because of vacation, and as you can probably tell, I easily jumped back on the wagon. Forgetting things is always an issue, but I pushed through that and kept going, since I’m determined to become fluent in Japanese in all ways.

As for not doing lessons, I suppose that’s a good idea (and you could use the reorder script to make sure you only learn vocab, since that’s not necessary to level), but what will you do when all your guru/master/enlighten items come up and bury you in reviews?

If it were me, I’d put it in vacation mode until I’ve gauged my workload and made sure everything was stable. But it’s ultimately up to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oooh, we’re the same age! Neat!

If you’re a monthly subscriber, then go ahead and take your vacation.
You can always go down a level if you forget anything.

If you’re a yearly subscriber, I would advise to not go on vacation.
That’s just a waste of your subscription when you can be working on burning items.
Do not learn any new lessons, keep your apprentice at 0 until you feel like you can learn more.
One review session, 10-20 minutes, shouldn’t be too much in a day.


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I would suggest to continue slowly and judging your workload. WaniKani can help you a lot in your Japanese class : the other students will have to take time to learn kanji readings, and it could be effective (in a time-consuming view) to continue WaniKani (slowly!) to not have to learn kanji in your Japanese class, at least a lot less learning than the non-WaniKanian student.

By continuing slowly, I mean without lessons in the beginning, and few lessons when you think you can handle it with minimal hardship.

I agree with what everyone said so far, I’d just focus in reviewing instead of leveling up, otherwise it’s more than probable that you’ll slowly forget everything you’ve learnt so far. I mean, don’t get too focused on WaniKani, but don’t give up completely, maybe just do some reviews every weekend, just to keep what you learnt fresh.

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