Rubbish mnemonics

Some mnemonics suck big time.

What are your examples?

I’ll start with one:

陸 (building, womb)
A building made from a womb must be placed upon the land.

  • Having a building made from a womb does not make any sense or does not induce the imagination.

My idea:

What is the womb of a building? That’s right, it’s the land it stands on!

  • There is a hidden analogy: the womb is the basis of humans, the land is the basis of a building.

Let’s keep the bad language to a minimum :slight_smile:


I agree, thanks.

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Do you mean analogy?
Syllogisms can only have 3 terms and require three statements (though they are often presented as an enthymeme with less).

Either way, I like your mnemonic better! I tend to make my own mnemonics for meaning, and I rely heavily on phonetic components to know how to pronounce them.

Sorry for talking about syllogisms; I really like talking about syllogisms.


Oops, brainfart. Of course, that’s an analogy.


Yeh, the mnemonics are, for the most part, completely useless. However, they did come in handy from time to time. Essentially the best way is to make your own anyways. It’s very difficult to make some that resonate with everyone.
For example, I love to have some pretty hot 18+ mnemonics whenever I can because they stick with me… Obviously, you can’t have that as a standard.

One cool feature I remember while trying (and failing) RTK was that I could see the mnemonics other people decided to post; that was really good, and it was sorted by the most popular.
My guess is that it would be too much work to police/moderate for a publicly paid site like Wanikani.


my current level has many bad mnemonics, at this point I am just memorizing the kanji reading mostly.


Same thing I did! I would just look at the mnemonic, be like “okay…?” and move on.


OP here. Sure, we can find a workaround. But since these are low hanging fruit, WK could also just improve them with obviously better ones, instead of adding ”こんにちは” for people who have spent more than 2 years studying Japanese (still bitter over that, lol).

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And here I thought you had left such ways in your youth…

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It feels like arbitrary essay length requirements. I really believe these mnemonics on the upper levels aren’t there to help you, but to fill the quota of every item on WaniKani having a mnemonic. There just does not seem to be any attempt at spurring the imagination. At this point I’m just leaning entirely on the semantic-phonetic composition and brute-forcing everything else.


That’s not good. They should make a list of clearly shitty ones (let’s say 500). And they’ll be done improving them in 1 month to 2 months (easily).

They could even use AI prompts at this point and select the best.

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The fact that this is flagged is just… lol.
Americans and their prudishness.


I’m sure it got flagged because the forum rules specifically state to refrain from “colorful language.”

Every American person I know uses profanity constantly, so that probably has nothing to do with it. :woman_shrugging:
Edit: Not saying I agree with said rules, just giving a possible explanation as to why people flagged it.


FREE plantron :mechanical_arm:


I’m not saying Americans don’t swear, but the “you’re not allowed to use four-letter words on TV” rule seems to be an American thing.


Yeah, that is true. I’ve never understood that rule lol

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For the curious :

(and yet an other case of the Streisand effect)

EDIT : lol I did not expect the wikipedia abstract to list them.


i’m also the community and i’d like to unflag this post, because i’m curious and wanna see what it said :smile:

I think the whole notion of premade mnemonics is a bit of a miss anyway. For actually remembering stuff it’s always better to make your own imho.


your post will now be flagged too :smiling_imp:

@shikaji : The post said “[Expletive], no”. In response to “we shouldn’t use foul language” or some such. So it was clearly in irony. I can’t understand what kind of stuck-up people need to flag something like that.