I hate the Mnemonic for Soil (Vocab)... nevermind

Two Keys… oh ok so you mean つき?


its Chi instead of Ki. Ki was also taught as a mnemonic with a Key, so now I have this bridge between the two and I am wrong over and over ;_;

Please look into this one, it’s… not that good xD

Example: China made an artificial island made of chinese soil, in waters that Japan claims to own, in an effort to remove the political presence, Japan Sued China (TsuChi つち)

Now hopefully I can use this made up one to replace the one that is currently plaguing me.

Whatever works for you, but doesn’t yours have the same issue, just on the other syllable? Now it looks like すち.

Are you sure you’re not misremembering? It’s been awhile since I’ve read the mnemonic, so I just looked, and it talks about two cheeses…? Which never worked well as a mnemonic for me either, to be fair, but I think a wire might’ve gotten crossed in your recall.


If it helps at all, the mnemonic I remember is “two cheese”, not “two keys”. Ties in well with other ち-related mnemonics. Remember, you’re never limited to the default mnemonic. You always have the option to make up and write in something that works better for you.

The mnemonic given for soil is:

You look through the soil. You’re trying to find something. As you dig and sift, you come across not one but two cheeses (つち). Pull them out of the ground and put them in your mouth. How do the two cheeses taste and compare?

I think maybe you’re thinking of the vocab for 月 which is つき?


Well, maybe this will help you remember it, heh.


I think your right… might of crossed the two… Ugh I suck at this.

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It’s all good! The first time I hit level three, I was still getting sun and moon mixed up.

I just finally figured out the difference between 石 and 右。

I have a near perfect reading score but my writing % is around 60-70 average :frowning:

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