Ringotan now supports Wanikani API!

Ringotan, the best app for learning how to write Kanji, now has Wanikani API support!

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What does this mean?

When you link Ringotan to Wanikani, Ringotan will only and automatically introduce new kanji once they’ve been learned/mastered/burned in Wanikani.

How do I enable it?

If you’re using the ‘Wanikani’ lesson, you’ll see a new ‘Wanikani Integration’ setting

Enabling it prompts you for your Wanikani API Token

Enter API token

After this, Ringotan will sync to Wanikani and only introduce new kanji once you’ve learned them on Wanikani

Where can I download this amazing app?

You can download it for free for Android off the Google Play Store, or for iOS off the app store.


Thank you! I have waited for this!

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I love Ringotan, it’s amazing at reinforcing the memory of kanji I studied in Wanikani.

I really like the new option. The added benefit of the new option for me is that it will not only teach new kanji in the order of Wanikani levels, but will also sync with the order of kanji I’m learning within the current level.

One thing that I find confusing is that I don’t always recognise the prompts because the words in the prompts can be quite different from the kanji names on Wanikani (see example below). But I’m trying to look at it as a challenge and as a lesson that the names that the Wanikani team selected are sometimes almost arbitrary anyway.

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With the new Wanikani API support, you can set it to not learn a kanji in Ringotan until it has been mastered in Wanikani. At that point you should’ve been exposed to some words using that kanji already.

I don’t legally have the right to use Wanikani’s kanji mnemonics, but one feature I plan on adding in the future is custom prompts, at which point you’ll be able to enter anything you’d like as a prompt.

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