Ringotan - Free app for learning how to WRITE kanji

I did a review session to check, and it does seem to be fixed for me now! :+1:

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Thank you! I feel silly for not having discovered these options myself, they were right there. I really love the multiple word prompts, and now that I know they’re available, I too would like the option to remove the English translation.
To add my two cents to the “show what I draw or not” debate, I really like your approach. With apps that show my actual strokes, I’m often left wondering whether it’s close enough or not. Here, I always get a good looking result, and I can judge for myself when my finger was somewhat off so that I can correct it next time, without having to look at a misshapen kanji.
All in all, I’m really happy with this app, it’s just what I needed. Coordination with Wanikani and the multiple word prompts are definitely my favourite features.

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would it be possible to get a windows version of it? For using a Drawing Tablet.

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The library I use (Xamarin) supports Windows Store, so it’s possible. However it’s a very low priority for me, because it’s a lot of work for something I don’t think there will be much interest for.

Nice ! Good to know :slight_smile: Good luck !

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I’ve added this to the The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! under the Writing section :slightly_smiling_face:


Now that I can hide the English in general but still click to see it if I don’t remember which word something is, I plan to use this app all the time. Thank you for a great fix!

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Version 0.15 has been released (about a week ago)! Now with support for KKLC and all 800 Jinmeiyou Kanji, as well as a corrected Wanikani list, and more!


Is it possible to add the ability to go in jouyou/kanken order? Since I would like to pair this with the 3DS kanken game.

AFAIK Jouyou doesn’t have a specific ordering. Both the JLPT and Kanken go by approximately grade-school level, so the “JLPT” ordering in the app should be about the same.

If that doesn’t work, do you know of a freely usable, ordered kanji list for that 3DS game?

JPLT goes by JLPT order though, right? Not the grade level? 林, for example, is a first grade kanji but it is a JLPT N2 kanji, so it would be between 700 and 1000th learned rather than within the first 80.

I know you can get an easily downloadable file here for the first the jouyou kanji, and if you are okay with a website, then that has all of the kanji beyond jouyou. Although, you can shortcut the with having the jinmeiyou kanji as 準1級 and the rest of the kanji (mostly overlapping with JIS level 2) as 1級.

True; however that’s a rare exception. I originally had a “grade level” sorting but removed it because it was nearly identical to JLPT. If people think it would be helpful I could re-add it, though.

For the kanji lists, I meant a list for that game specifically. I already have the orderings for grade-school kanji (it’s used to sub-order the kanji in the JLPT list).

The game uses kanken order which is the same as the grade order, except that that the middle school kanji are broken up into 4 separate levels. I thought the previous file covered it, but I see it doesn’t. Here is a file that does (though again, it only covers the jouyou kanji).

But each of those grades has 100-300 kanji in them, with no specified sub-order within each grade, so it would likely result in an ordering that’s massively different from the game.

The game doesn’t have individual kanji ordering, just tests by level. The game is just a collection questions and mock kanken exams for each level. I just want to learn how to write them and do practice examinations with the game.

I’ve added Kanji Kentei (kanken) as a lesson plan in v0.16

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Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

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I encountered a bug when playing around with the “custom review” menu where if you scroll down far enough it will lag very badly.

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Yes this is a known bug. Unfortunately it’s a framework bug with no known workarounds, so there’s not much I can do to fix it.

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As an iPad/iOS user, this is exactly what I need to power up my kanji knowledge. I’d also be totally down to pay for it if it became available on the App Store. Any update on a possible release date?

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