Rikaikun crashing issue


I’ve been using Rikaikun for a very long time, but recently it started crashing - whenever I try to open the extension, I receive a message saying “Rikaikun has crashed. Click the baloon to reload the extension.” However, it doesn’t work. Even if I try to reload the extension, it happens again.
I tried ckeaning my cookies, but it doesn’t help either. Last time it happened, I ended up re-installing my Chrome (which worked, but it happened again). Deleting the extension and downloading again doesn’t help either.
Anybody have had this issue? Or have an idea about how to fix it?


You mentioned cleaning your cookies, but what about also clearing your cache?
I haven’t used Rikai-kun or -chan myself, but often too much in the cache can mess will all kinds of browser add-ons.

If that doesn’t work, you need someone more tech-savvy than I…


I haven’t had any issues on version 0.8.91 of rikaikun. What version are you running?


@Lysu, we need information on why it is crashing.

The exception messages should appear in the Chrome’s console.

  1. Right-click -> “Inspect” OR “Ctrl+Shift+I”, then some developer tools for chrome will open.
  2. Open a tab called “Console”.
  3. Trigger the exception to occur and some error messages should appear in the console.

An example of what the console looks like :eyeglasses:


Alternatively, you could try to use Rikaigu (improved version of Rikaikun) and perhaps avoid having to solve the problem.

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