Did the color scheme change today?

Or am I going crazy. Kanji reviews seem more faded out and purpler than I remember… Am i going crazy? did windows update 2004 mess with my color settings…

I can’t say I’ve noticed any colour scheme change, no.

It is possible for an update to throw settings out, but it would be unusual to see colour settings changed.

ok i guess this makes this offtopic then, but apparently the color changes if the chrome tab is detached from the other tabs(fullscreen in its own window) or part of another chrome window iwth other tabs(also fullscreen. what the hell


Do you have a userstyle installed which might be getting messed up by… something?

That’s the incognito mode

Proof(now removed for privacy). I had turned on Hardware Acceleration yesterday, tried turning it off and it sotpped happening indeed. Also saw this thread from 2 years ago so I know im not crazy:


if you think its an optical illusion, take your own screenshot of the Before and set it right next to the gif, it is very clear. But anyway I found out what it was.


… I was asking for screenshots so people would be able to help more effectively. Anyway, glad you managed to figure out the issue.


I’ve got a screenshot of the kanji list from 2017. Let me dig it out.

This might actually be early KaniWani, but I used the same colours from WaniKani back then.

They actually did change the WK colors a couple of years back


I honestly didn’t notice. :flushed:

Can you remember when?

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I’m going to hunt for some more screenshots.

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You don’t mean the same change as was complained about in this thread? Ah! Everything looks different!


I was under the impression that they changed stuff again after then, but perhaps I misremember

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure they changed the colors back to how they were, so you must have meant another change, probably from earlier than my time on here :eyes:

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