Rikaichan is x_x - Long live Yomichan and Rikaichamp!

So the latest versions of Firefox no longer support Rikaichan or Rikaisama.

Luckily there are two new options:

Yomichan and Rikaichamp.

Has anyone used these for awhile?

If so, how do they stack up against the originals, and if you have used both of the new ones, which do you prefer?

I’ve just installed Yomichan and haven’t tried champ yet.


Wow, no one uses these? o.O

I used Rikaichan until the FF update dropped support for it. I wasn’t aware of these replacements; I’m going to try them out.

I feel you. I used Rikaichan for a long time, and had to switch over to Yomichan with the new update. But I must say that I really like Yomichan, especially since you can download different dictionaries (for free of course) so it’s a nice replacement.

I’m still using Rikaichan since I haven’t updated Firefox on my computer. I don’t really have a need to yet, but when I do I’ll probably try these out.

Is the old Version getting security updates?
If not, there is your absolutely most important need: Security updates.

Doesn’t get security updates, but I have checked for exploits and bugs and there doesn’t seem to be anything serious. If there turns out to be something serious, then I’ll get a security patch or just fully upgrade.

Thanks for letting us know. Rikai wasnt working for me anymore :frowning:

I found this page if anyone is interested.


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Yeah, I miss Rikai-sama! :sob: Now I’ve installed both Yomi-chan and Rikaichamp. The latter is a bit too simple, and the former is clunky. Well, beggers can’t be choosers. It’s free after all.

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Yeah I’ve done the same.

I generally keep Yomichan off and Rikaichamp on unless I need something specific from Yomichan.

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