Japanese.io vs Yomichan/Rikaikun

I see Rikaikun and its supposed successor Yomichan mentioned a lot. Today I found a website and chrome extension called Japanese.io. The extension part looks like Yomichan but a bit cleaner, and the website lets you save vocabulary, recommends you articles to translate, has text importation which you can use a variety of tools on etc. (It also has WK integration).

Is there perhaps a reason it doesn’t get the attention of the other two? Is it flawed in some way?

Apologies if this was better suited as just a reply in the resource thread.


They charge a lot of money, and it does not integrate with Anki nearly as well as Yomichan.


I’ve heard of the website, but didn’t know they had an extension. I use Yomichan, which works well for me. The main draws of Yomichan for me are:

  • You can import your own dictionaries.
  • It provides audio (courtesy of JPod101)
  • It shows pitch accent (via a dictionary they provide which you can import)

Anyone ever try the free version?

I have tried the free version of japanese.io (the site not the extension). I have mixed feelings about it. I find it useful when I want to do some extensive reading. Some topics have articles using the same words over and over. For instance the gaming category is full of ‘releases’ of new ‘editions’ by a ‘publisher’ and so on.

One thing worth mentioning is that you need to be prepared to read a lot of Katakana as they are used a lot in news articles.

On the negative side I find the site very buggy and the UX could really be improved. The unconventional device I use might be a reason for that but I don’t have so many issues with other websites.

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