"Right" and "Left"

The level 2 vocabulary “Left” and “Right” (not " Left and Right") both have different part of speech. “Left” can also be used as an adjective while its opposite, “Right” can only be used as a noun. Can anyone please explain why?

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Not sure where you got this from, but both are nouns and both can be used as ‘の adjectives’ (otherwise known as the genitive case).


Oh I see what you mean. The WK part of speech just looks incorrect by not listing ‘の adjective’ for 右. Must have been an oversight. I’d probably notify the staff to fix that.


I see what you mean. Both can be used as nouns or の adjectives, though. As Athomasm said, I would recommend notifying the staff about that, though.

But also, keep in mind that, if you want to dwell into the details of every word you learn (which is a great idea, that a lot of people don’t necessarily do), you should use jisho.org instead of Wanikani, as it shows more detail. For example:

Jisho can show more synonyms, meanings that aren’t shown in Wanikani, and also common collocations.

What I do when I learn a word from wanikani is immediately put it into Jisho, and look at the meanings from there. Once I got the meaning, I look at the example sentence and then move on. In my opinion this is the best way to learn.


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