Reviews not on the hour

How does this happen?

Not critical since I won’t be up at 4AM anyway but if it’s something I did I’d like to know, otherwise it’s a slightly bizarre and amusing bug.

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Same for me


I think this is not a bug. They upgraded the site. I wonder how this will impact scripts. They should have made an announcement.

Edit: The two items scheduled for 5:35 are showing at 5:00 in the Ultimate Timeline. At least the script doesn’t crash.

Edit2: The same two items show at 5:00 in the Heatmap script. This one too doesn’t crash.

I know they were talking about changing the SRS intervals here:

But they walked that back after feedback.

Review times are supposed to be rounded down to the beginning of the hour, so this may just be a cosmetic change to the schedule interface.

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Hasn’t changed for me, so I don’t think it was a site update?


Edit: Oh wait, I do have this weirdness but only for a few hours:

Same for me. It is just a one entry. The rest is on the hour.

I’m very confused. I’ll try and see what items they are, because it’s about when I have some level-up items rolling in so maybe that’s what’s causing it?

Edit: nope, just normal reviews :woman_shrugging:

I checked my forecast for the week and it only shows up for Tuesday night:

They were also mentioning change to the API to support multiple SRS. Maybe they are rolling out something related to this. Just a supposition.


Good point, I forgot about that. Time to do some poking around in the API…

The reviews should still be top of the hour. Might be some regression going on… I’ll take a look.


Same for me. I checked the whole week and it is only Wednesday in the wee hours.

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It’s definitely something that changed.

Looks like @viet’s on top of it. :slight_smile:

Figured it out.

It affected subjects which made it to SRS stage 6 in the last five hours. I’ll make the adjustments so the timings are correct for the records affected.

Basically we swapped reads over to the new spaced repetition system data model. And someone (me) missed a digit when typing in the stage 6 interval.


Thanks for the solution.

Someone reported another bug here. Is it related?

I know the feeling. lol :slight_smile:

All affected records are now corrected.


If only a data entry error was the worst mistake I’ve made…

*cough*multi-hour production outage? who me?*cough*


It’s an easy fix, we’ll just run it on the production build

Corrected? Or Deleted? I don’t find the entry for two items anymore.

Now, no entry at 5:00 or 6:00.


There used to be an entry at 5:35.


I think it was that the reviews were at the wrong interval, so when it was fixed they moved to when they needed to be, which wasn’t at that time.

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