Reviews & Lessons drying up?


Relatively new here, level 3, been really enjoying everything. Over last few days, I’ve found that I have had very few lessons, and very few reviews… I get most things right at this point as I have a knowledge of basic Kanji and vocab, so don’t understand why everything seems to be drying up. My understanding was that the reviews and lessons become more frequent, not less frequent?

I want to learn more! Anyone having this problem?

Levels 1 and 2 are accelerated compared to most other levels, so you might just be noticing that level 3 is a “normal pace” level. It takes until level 5 or so, I’d wager, for the amount of total reviews to start getting daily reviews up to a consistent frequency.

Thanks. I thought it might be a malfunction or something. I guess I just can’t help that my stomach is empty for more vocabulary.

I had the same feeling early on, but it’s just how the SRS intervals shake out when you’re in the early levels and haven’t unlocked many items yet. It’ll ramp up soon. A lot.

My body is ready. :rice_ball:


Enjoy this beautiful stress free time, the reviews are coming!


I just became Level 10 and am only now starting to feel that I have a good number of reviews. But basically the more you do, the more reviews you will have and then the more mistakes you make the more reviews you will have. It does take time to get started especially if you have prior knowledge. If you stick at it, it will snowball.

Level 5 IMO is the first real “ramp up”. The work will come, don’t worry!

Tip you might not want to hear: I know it’ll be tempting to do all the lessons available at once but try to resist and space them out at least somewhat. Not for now, but for the sake of 5 months later when they return for burns.

Good luck!

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Mine isn’t, I am scared!

Having the opposite problem: too many lessons and reviews all the time!

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