Reviews got out of control... Should I reset?

Hi everysama,

I just came back to Wanikani after remembering the country of Japan exists. Because I’ve been gone for so long, my review pile has gotten pretty huge. I’m looking for some advice for what I should do because I’m not sure if I can do all my reviews, but I don’t want to reset all the progress I’ve made : /

For reference this is my review pile:

I think if it was 1 I could manage, but this is just out of control.

This is all my burns, I don't want to lose them all 😭

Additional info

Happy April 1st everyone!



Brilliantly done! :clap:


You should split up the work load, today you’ve looked at the review pile, tomorrow you can click the button, the next day you can look at the kanji, the next day you can…


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