Reviews every hour now?

I’m new to the double number levels. Is it normal to have reviews every hour, or is that because I’m struggling with remembering some stuff?

It does not really depend on your level, rather on how long you’ve been doing WK. After about 6 months, the first items you learned are coming back to be burned. If you install the following script you’ll see the burn reviews as black triangles:


Getting stuff wrong will put it in a different review cycle to the stuff from the same lesson that you got right, but if you are getting stuff every hour it could reflect that you were perhaps (like me) initially doing WK lessons and reviews whenever/all the time, so the earlier-level stuff is now coming back in that same random fashion (this is assuming you now have a more regular schedule…?).

I just ignore them until my next review session comes up (I have 3 per day, so a delay of a few hours on something I’ve not seen for weeks or months is not going to mess up the SRS too badly).


I have reviews (and I do them) every single hour


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