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Did I miss an announcement where they reordered the reviews? I’m getting all vocab using the same kanji back to back and it feels like cheating half the time when I fail on one word and then burn the next one because I just saw the meaning of the kanji that I had forgotten. Can this be re-randomized? I mean, I know the items will usually come up close to each other anyway, but it still feels weird.


For how long? How many times did it happen to you? You’d expect every once in a while, after millions of review sessions across all the users that someone would get a session that feels “ordered”.

Lesson are order since July, reviews should be fine. Maybe you got a “bad” order today.

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It’s been pretty constant for the last few days. I’ll get 3-4 vocabs in a row using the same kanji. Maybe these were all ones I just happened to be consistent with in the past? Eh, oh well.

I’ve been having the same thing happening. The vocab has had back-to-back the same kanji like 一杯、二杯、and三杯 being in successive order and this is in a 100+ vocab session. Though I’m also using the Reorder Script for Reviews but I don’t think it’s suppose to order vocabulary as well…

I’ve noticed this as well. I’m also using the Reorder Script, but only for the one to one feature. It only started ordering items this way recently, and I installed the script a few weeks ago, so I don’t think the script is the cause.

Maybe it’s an app thing with the 1 to 1 setting?

This was implemented back in July.

If you are using scripts and its not acting as you expected take the issue to the author.

Edit: just realized the inquiry was about reviews and not lessons. My apologies. We haven’t done anything to reviews. This can be simply tested by refreshing the review page many times and seeing the batch change on every refresh.

If you are using scripts to alter any state you’ll still need to contact the author.

It’s strange because sometimes when I refresh the reviews the same item that I was on does come back up. I dunno, doesn’t REALLY matter, I guess. Maybe because I’ve been doing huge review batches, lately.

And how about subsequent refreshes? The odds of it showing up on reload is there. Is this with scripts turned on?

I can only help effectively debug if ALL scripts are off.

It’s using my phone with the 1 to 1 option turned on. I can certainly try it off and see what happens. It’s not a huge inconvenience. I was curious more than anything.

Ok please let me know of the results. It may could very well be our end.

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