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I’m still new to WaniKani and still learning how it works. If I complete 1 lesson, does this translate to 1 review?:thinking: Because I would like to spread my lessons over the week so that I can manage the number of reviews that I need to complete daily. Or would it be the same if I completed all of the lessons in one day? I like to learn the stroke order for Kanji as I do calligraphy (which is quite relaxing for me) and make simple sentences with unfamiliar vocabulary so that I can learn how to use it in context.

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To put it simply, one lesson means that you’ll start reviewing that item (radical, kanji, or vocab). Reviewing an item means that you see it several times. As you review an item correctly (type the right answer), you’ll see it less and less frequently, until finally you “burn” the item, i.e. review it correctly enough that you never see it again.

So spreading out your lessons is a good way to manage reviews.

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The early SRS stages have short time intervals. So a lesson done in the morning can hypothetically be reviewed twice that day - at the +4 hour mark and the +8 hour mark after that.

If you want to know more about the stages and time intervals, don’t forget to check out the FAQ

If I remember correctly, didn’t @Kumirei make a script that predicts review numbers based on how many lessons done? I could be wrong, though.


You mean this one? It calculates the number of reviews you can expect to do in a given day, based on your current SRS distribution


Here is another ressource you mind find useful: Wanikani accuracy and review pacing, made by @Tenoch.

You can type in a certain number of lessons you are going to do each day, and it tells you how many reviews you get on average. This data is estimated based on your personal accuracy—if you make more mistakes, you will be seeing more reviews.

Keep in mind that the actual number of reviews is lower in the beginning since it takes about 2 months to review the first Master item, and you won’t see any Enlightened items in your review queue for the first 6 months.


Yes, technically 1 lesson = 1 review. But when actually doing the review you answer twice for kanji and vocabs, once for the meaning and once for the reading.

Def check the SRS info everyone else has provided. If you do a lesson first thing in the morning, you would review that item twice that day, after 4 hours then another 4/8 hours depending on if you got if right or wrong.

So, if you did all your lessons in one sitting, lets say 20 lessons, you would do 40 reviews that day and 20 the next. This isn’t bad with small lesson piles but eventually you will have a stack of 100+ new lessons waiting for you. One common technique people use to control the number of reviews is to keep their apprentice items low; since they appear twice in a day, they create the most workload. A common number is to have around 100 apprentice items. This will keep your review pile around 150 per day.

Anyway, some trial and error will be needed to find what works for you. Good Luck!


Thank you @Kumirei @lilalas @Weirdmind @Omun @Helix for your help. I started to divide lessons on seperate days and this helped me to manage my reviews with having the time to apply these words in a sentence. This is my first time using a form and im really glad to have meet the WK community group that is very supportive. This makes the journey of learning kanji to be exciting. 皆さん、ありがとうございます😃



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