Review Item Delay replacement?

Hello all~

I’m coming back after a(nother) long break from WK. I got a new laptop in the meantime, and setting up my scripts again. What I am missing now seems to be the “Review Item Delay” script (there doesn’t seem to be an official thread, but I found it linked here (2015) and here (2020)). But now it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I had to update the @include link to even make it run, and then increase the setTimeout before it initializes to make the buttons appear.

Not sure if it has to do with the removal of the review API’s, or just a change in how WK works. So, I was wondering if you guys know of an updated version or a replacement with a similar functionality?

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Perhaps this might help you?


Oh, excellent! Thanks so much! And thanks for the very quick response too! :sparkles:


No problem :slight_smile: Just saw this and remembered a script that I saw a few days ago that might help.