Returning after a year and a half... Owwie

Hi! I just renewed my membership here, and am glad I did already! I just wrapped up all the reviews which had piled up (I was inactive for quite some time before my sub expired) … That was so hard, and sad… I hardly remembered anything! Got a 42%.

My question is: Should I just plow through the new lessons (152 of them) to get the items in the review cycle… Or should I do the reviews a few days to solidify my knowledge and then jump into new lessons?

Thanks for any advice. I’m sure this has been asked before, but my search skills on this forum platform aren’t that great. This is a shiny new place, haha!

You probably had a lot of reviews so I would, if it were me, wait the two hours until they are due again , do the reviews, then wait until they are due the second time tomorrow, do the reviews, then start on lessons whenever I felt like it. That way you won’t have any reviews for another three days, so it’s a good time to start lessons.


I’d solidify the older stuff first, avoids losing the new items in the sea of reviews that awaits, also means the new items are more likely to be reviewed nearer the SRS schedule which will help. It shouldn’t take long at level 5 to refresh yourself but make sure your number of aprentice items is manageable for you before you dive back into lessons.

Edit: @Kumirei Beat me again, you must live on here or something


Thanks for such fast responses! :smiley: So, I will just do a few days of reviews, when they’re available!

Is there a link where I can read about how the schedule works/how often things in apprentice/guru/etc show up in reviews? I mean it when I say I’m horrible at searching for things… :sweat_smile:

It’s partway down the unofficial FAQ or the official guide

Although I think the last interval to guru is now just 2 days instead of 3. Not sure.

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Awesome! Thank you so much! So, yes, I will wait until I have a considerable amount of things as “guru” like suggested! I think that will do my brain some good haha!

I’m studying, so of course I’m on the forum procrastinating!


Why did you have to remind me that I live on the forums?

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Holy… that’s a lot of time. :smiley: As much time reading as I’ve played the new Story of Seasons. :open_mouth: