Restarted, and wanting to use more apps to learn

Will definately check him out! Looks promising!

If it’s only about backlog, or Anki may handle review piles better. But I am not sure whether they would handle Kanji as well as Wanikani.

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I don’t know your situation, so please forgive me. Are you able to converse in Japanese with your family or friends of family or acquaintances? You can incorporate some of the words you are learning on WaniKani into conversations…words that you are having problems with.

I think speaking will help a lot.

I’m an information collector :wink:(hoarder). When I want to learn something (which is all the time), I start finding lots of resources. In the end it becomes information overload.

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This is waaay off topic! For some reason my eyes saw porchpuppy, but my brain interpreted it into porkchoppuppy.

I am not, unfortunately :frowning: My mother and my grandparents know japanese, so when I was a kid and they were saying something i should not hear (f. ex what they had bought for me for chrismas) they would speak in japanese. I would like to be able to speak with y mother in japanese and continue the tradition :smiley:

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