Heres my wanikani update, 1/14

hello my friends! how is everybody doing? i haven’t been on here in a second, lmao

so far since i’ve started wanikani on october 14, i’ve only made it to level 3. i’ve been progressing veryyy slowly. frankly, i don’t think i’m motivated like I used to be. or rather, i don’t have enough time due to school and other things, you know? so i abandoned doing wanikani for a a bit over a month, i’d say. before that I was already struggling with remembering the kanji and vocab whilst I was doing my reviews, but now that i’ve taken a break for over a month I can barely remember anything. yikes!

so, I’ve decided to restart from level one. now that its the new year, i want to use this fresh start to really make progress with my japanese. so I want to work hard!!! i believe this clean slate will help me retain the vocab/kanji better.

my language goals for this year:
i’m currently still studying along the N5 level with the “Speak Japanese in 90 Days” textbook and the Japanese Ammo with Misa Sensei Youtube channel (I recommend! Misa is amazing!). I want to get some kind of studying in every day, so I’m going to opt for studying in the mornings before my day starts rather than waiting until i have some kind of free time later in the day when I’m burned out from other activities.

I also want to listen to and speak more Japanese. I don’t enjoy watching most Japanese dramas (although Alice in Borderland is a super good one, definitely check that out lol), so I’ll probably go for anime, podcasts, and clips on Youtube. Though, if you have any jdrama recommendations please tell me! My speaking is terrible, yikes yikes yikes. But I do keep in mind that babies listen and can take years before learning to speak, and that reassures me. When learning a new language we start at 0, similar to babies. :baby:

I wish to develop a good routine for my Japanese, so my progress can slowly build up and turn into something great :blush: I think my goal for later in the year is to at least already have started in N4 and have somewhat “mastered” all the N5 topics. You get me?

This post was a bit long :sweat_smile: Thank you for reading all the way to the end, and thank you, Wanikani community for being my friend! I love all of you! Let’s work hard in 2021!


Yes, let’s work hard, but also have fun with it!

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