Requesting minor update to some badge text


Much like the text in the badge Read Guidelines has a link to the actual guidelines, could Certified and Licensed have links to the appropriate starting point added, as well?

I vaguely remember going through a tutorial a couple months ago, when I returned, but now I can’t find it to look at it again.

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Not 雨

The robot is dead

I checked with the dev team and it looks like those two badges are given by the Discourse bot, which is no longer active due to issues it was causing. So those badges don’t really exist for us.

No Skynet is ever going to rise up here.


I see. Well, nevermind that, then. =) Thanks for the answer!

I feel like I saw that phrase somewhere else when I was searching to make sure I wasn’t making a dupe post. なるほど~.

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<Praise me! I helped kill discobot!>

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