Requesting help with a bug

So I’m not able to use WK like at all. In March one bug had started to occur - when I enter an answer, arrows just jump around and nothing happens. Even if I copypaste an answer from WK itself I’m not able to proceed. Okay, I wrote to Wk team and left site for three month. They never wrote me back. Now I’m trying to come back and what I see? The very same bug. I don’t really care about money spent for lifetime subscription - yeah, shit happens and sometimes you can waste money on a fraud service. But I’ve also wasted tons of time. If I was using RTK or Kanjidamage all this time I would learn tons of kanji in these three month.

Can you send us screenshots of the issue? I have yet to see any arrows flying everywhere during my time on this site.


Obviously there’s some disconnect somewhere, because they are very responsive as staffs go.

I seriously doubt it can’t be figured out.



Considering this is an isolated issue, that hardly means that WK is a fraud site.


Did you check your spam folder?

As you can see, I’m entering correct answer. But when I hit enter, an arrow in the left just jumps, like I’ve entered wrong symbols.

Paid service being unavailable for a customer for a three month is surely a fraud.

I’ve seen this bug happen before, although usually the problem is either down to a connection issue, or you have multiple WaniKani tabs open.

The fact that you never got a response probably means you missed their email, or you were just very unlucky. Either way, your problem will get resolved.

You meant to reply to me there. Fraud is intentional deception. This is a simple bug. There is a big difference. You’d think if the staff was trying to con you, they wouldn’t just try to con one single person.

If you really think they would, then you mustn’t understand how business works.


Yes, I’ve checked my spam folder. This is the only letter I’ve received regarding this issue.

In my company I would be fired if I would ignore such bug for a three month.

Obviously it’s frustrating, but if it got lost in the mix, then it got lost and they never were going to be able to get back to you after that.

It’s not like koichi has your email framed on his desk and cackles at it while he plots his other schemes.



I wasn’t suggesting that they ignored you. They probably just missed your email. The fact that this issue happens when you have connection issues, or you have multiple tabs open is relates to your client, so they can’t exactly fix that. If it’s something more than that in your case, then your email must have gotten lost.

At least this bug doesn’t occur often …

Did you try a different browser, from mobile, clearing your caches and hard reload? It’s highly likely that it’s related to your browser somehow.

Connection issue? There is no network activity in Chrome when I hit enter. They just have broken validation code on the frontend.

What does this even mean? Are you saying that the input box shakes back and forth really fast?

Surely I’ve also tried in firefox and saw the very same bug.

Yes, exactly.

Do you have another lesson or review session open in another tab? That’s usually when this bug happens.

If you lose connection to the internet during a session, then this can cause said problem. Even if your internet is fine afterwards, it can mess things up. I’m not an expert on networking related stuff so I really can’t say much more than that. Whatever the problem is though, it’s probably something bad on your end if this is occurring repeatedly to you over the span of three months.