Request small tweak to help with strong protonopia

In the newest production homepage, the green progress partial-bars under items are very difficult for me to distinguish from the grey unfinished-progress partial-bars. I have to mouse-over to see where I really am.

Making the grey lighter is one possible change that would help me quite a lot.

I’ve seen other discussions of the pinks/purples for the various progress levels. All of those colors are quite distinct for me and are working just fine.

Thanks for continuing to improve WaniKani!



Changing the relative heights of the green vs grey bars would be another way to make this easier to distinguish.


/me casts "Summon @oldbonsai "


Turns out the summons were delivered by a very disoriented carrier pigeon. :man_facepalming:

@rjsparks: I tweaked the grey to be a little bit lighter and ran it through some protanopia/deuteranopia preview tools. It looked better to me, but let me know if that does it.


Most devices now days have color filters to help with that. For example Windows 10 under Settings > Ease of Access > Color Filters and select “Red-Green (red weak, protanopia)”. I’m sure MacOS, iOS and Android have such a feature as well. Maybe that will help.

@oldbonsai: Yes, thanks that helped very much. (Apologies for my own delay in responding).


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