[Request] "Close but no cigar" for entering reading instead meaning

Say I enter “ei” as the meaning for 営, I just want it to say close but no cigar (or shake like when you give a valid reading but isn’t the one it wants) and give me a chance to enter the correct answer.

Yeah, I know, I’m level 22 so I should have this figured out by now. Yeah, I should probably slow down a skosh when doing my reviews. Still, it would be really nice if it would just warn me that I entered something valid for the prompt, just not the requested info.

I tried looking for something in the List, but didn’t see anything like what I was looking for. There are some scripts that get around it by simply marking the incorrect answer as correct, but I would prefer to be able to still enter the proper answer.


Kanji is forgiving, but vocab is not. I’m pretty sure there are other threads on why this is, but I just use the ignore script.

I agree with this.  I wish there was something, either a script or a native feature, that wouldn’t let you enter the “romaji” for readings where it asks you for English.  It’s already sort of built into the part where you put in the hiragana by not allowing/shaking when there are any characters that aren’t in hiragana.

It’s just frustrating to get in a groove and miss that one you were supposed to be entering English for and put in the reading instead!