Rendaku - any guidelines?

Most of my errors come from wrong rendaku.
Are there any rules for it?

Why is is DAItai (general) or koGoe (low voice)?

And how can I remember when to use Gatsu or Getsu
Or: Nichi or Jitsu?


だいたい has no rendaku, だい is just one of the readings of 大


I have been trying to look for similar guides and the only useful tip I have found is with げつ and がつ.
がつ is used when there is a number in front like 四月 and げつ is used in every other situation. (also 何月is the exception because 何 takes the place of a number still making it がつ.)

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Better mnemonics or more experience is the only way imo.

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Also apparently there’s this article from tofugu, maybe it can help you get better grasp at it, or just some words that you’re struggling with


Just to note, that doesn’t really have anything to do with rendaku. That’s just due to different on readings being used in different situations.

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Does anyone else find rendaku kinda intuitive? Most of the time If I try to say a word aloud the rendaku comes naturally. For example I can’t really pronounce 仕草 or かき氷 without rendaku unless I say it in an unnatural sounding way.


I think the OP is generally struggling with when to use voiced readings and called that rendaku, since rendaku features voiced readings.

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The same way you learn how to correctly pronounce cough, dough, rough, though, through, and bough in English: experience.


I thought so too, and then I came across 心底. It just feels like it should be rendaku but, nope, it’s not. :confused:

I’ve been learning Japanese for a long time, and my experience has been that you get a feel for rendaku over time. I think it happens often enough that doing it is right more often than not. If you make a mistake, well, you are learning a foreign language and a devilishly complicated one at that. I wouldn’t obsess over it.

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がつ is used for the name of the month. しがつ is April. When speaking about a month in general then げつ is used. When asking ‘what month?’ you would always use がつ as in 何がつ

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