Reliable N5 verb list/book/web resource?

I’m looking for a resource that is 100% reliable to learn from with regard to all the verbs needed for JLPT N5 test.

I’d noted down a list of 80 from one website but I’m not convinced the quality of information is the best.

If anyone knows of any websites, books, that is definitive and includes everything that needs to be learnt!

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Unfortunately there is no such definitive list. All lists are basically extrapolations from previous tests and therefore no 100% guarantee can be given that no other word will appear in the test. But they are pretty good guidelines for a 80-90% guarantee in my opinion.

You can use the tag search on Jisho to e.g. get the list of all N5 verbs:


There is no definitive list as far as I know, only approximations at best.

That said, Jisho has you covered with any such approximations you can think of:

EDIT: I got ninja’d :joy:



This only makes our information twice as reliable :wink:


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