Recommened Audio Listening Time?

How long each day should I listen to Japanese audio? My listening speed is one of my weaknesses and I’m trying to determine a daily listening goal to improve my progress. (For context, I’m copying the dialogue and listening comprehension files from Genki 1 onto an app on my phone to listen to). Thank you!


30 minutes a day or so should be good. (Of course more if you have time.)

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Really the more the better, you also have to differentiate between active and passive listening. Passive listening such as listening to a podcast in the bus/train or leaving the TV on while cooking can fill up to 1-1.5h of your day.
Active listening on the other hand like watching the news, anime or doing listening exercises with a textbook would take up less time, but is also the most beneficial.


Would active listening just mean you are paying attention to what is being said vs passive just letting it gloss over you or something?

Yes, it means you’re either actively or passively listening to the audio. When actively listening you’re making an effort to understand the audio and follow the conversation, whereas passively you’re just hearing the voices but not paying attention to the meaning or what is actually being said.

I guess it’s the difference between the words listening and hearing, where the former implies an effort of comprehension and the latter does not.


I watch 2 hours of raw anime a day for what it’s worth. I feel like I’m improving but sometimes I think I should listen EVEN MORE!

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