Recommendations on how to approach learning Japanese from scratch

Hi all! I’m a “long time lurker”. Last year, I started wanikani but stopped it at Level 2. I restarted again a couple of weeks ago and I’m back at Level 2. I have never study Japanese before. I’m in conjunction going through the content in Japanese Learning Articles. What other resources should I be checking out?

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I’d check out the Ultimate Additional Resource thread for inspiration.

For listening comprehension practice I’d check out the thread for that. :slight_smile:

This thread also links to some more specific discussion threads that also contains listening practice, like the VTuber thread among others.

Thank you! Im going to check them out ^^

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I’m a big fan of the traditional approach for beginners! AKA a textbook. I liked Minna no Nihongo, but Genki is also popular.

There are a lot of ways to get started, but I wholeheartedly recommend a textbook + a goal (say, one chapter a week) to give some structure to your learning.

A good textbook gives you a well-rounded mix of listening and reading practice that is tailored to your level. For a true beginner, most other material (comics, anime, news, and even graded readers) are going to be too difficult and therefore unhelpful and demotivating, IMO.

If you have the budget for it, a weekly online lesson (I use iTalki) is also super helpful!! I recommend finding a teacher who uses your chosen textbook during the lesson so you can give yourself preview/review homework.


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