Beginning Japanese Resources

Hello all,

I have just begun learning Japanese and am still working on basic Kanji. I have a good grasp of both Katakana and Hiragana.

I am frequently using WaniKani (obviously), but I was hoping to get some more practical practice with reading and/or writing. A plus would also include resources for audio from Native Japanese Speakers.

Essentially, I am looking for resources to practice and improve my limited Japanese as I progress with WaniKani. Reading is first of course, but any great beginner resource recommendations (paid or free) would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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There are a lot of resources, but a good place to start (which comes with short descriptions about the sources) can be found here:

For listening comprehension there is also this:


I’ve been using Tae Kim’s grammar and Japanese course based on Tae Kim's grammar guide & anime - AnkiWeb to get some N+1 input with audio.

I’ve also been using Bunpro for grammar SRS.

I’d still recommend focusing on WK for the first ~10 levels or so (should be only a couple of months if you go full speed) because then you’ll have some very decent core vocabulary and kanji knowledge to make learning grammar easier. Learning grammar sucks when you have to look up every word…

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