Recommendations for free shadowing materials?

A lot of my friends swear by it (for English learning), so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m upper-intermediate/advanced; just recently passed the N2 and I’ve been living in Japan for over 3 years.

Any recommendations for good free shadowing materials?

(As a side note, I unintentionally sound like a dude when I speak, so maybe something that can soften my Japanese?)

This is actually the first time I’ve seen this style of learning named. Is this the same as what Pimsleur does? I think some anki decks have audio and complete sentences, but I don’t actually know of any in particular…

These are pretty low N4 material but they’re adorable and free so. Give it a try, my favorite is 北風と太陽。I can almost recite the whole thing word-for-word. XD


Just search ‘Japanese Shadowing’ on Youtube. There are loads of videos. For some reason they always seem to have been posted by Vietnamese users.

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